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Goal: Reduce Asthma Triggers at Home

Our home visiting program serves families struggling to control children’s moderate to severe asthma. We help children who are frequently treated in hospital emergency departments and who are hospitalized often.

Our asthma team visits 150 to 200 District of Columbia homes each year to identify and reduce asthma triggers present in the homes of young children. We meet with the adults living in the home to provide tailored information and resources that will reduce triggers and improve children’s asthma control. We provide pillow cases and mattress covers, facilitate pest management services, provide smoking cessation support, and assist families with other trigger reduction tools and strategies.

As a result of our program, families are better educated about asthma triggers and are more equipped to manage and control children’s asthma; children are less likely to need emergency hospital visits and hospital stays.

Do you know what happens during an asthma attack?

This Health Central infographic explains what happens to the airways during an asthma attack. It also identifies the most common asthma triggers and explains what to do during an asthma attack. Click the image to open the larger graphic at Health Central.

A picture of the anatomy of an asthma attack.