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Using a Pandemic as an Excuse to Pollute Our Air

As we struggle to survive the chaos caused by the coronavirus, something inspiring is happening. The natural world is slowly repairing itself. It didn’t take long for animals to venture back into urban areas, for our waterways to clean up enough to allow aquatic life to return, and for our skies to clear up as air pollution is kept at bay.

5 Ways DC Quitline Helps Smokers Quit

If you are thinking about quitting smoking and would like some help, the DC Quitline might be just what you need to succeed. The Quitline provides free coaching—over the phone—to help you quit smoking. Not sure if the Quitline is the right resource for you? Check out these Quitline basics to help you decide.

Smoking and Coronavirus: A Triple Threat

Did you know that smoking is a triple threat to your health during the coronavirus outbreak? Now is a great time to quit smoking, because coronavirus and smoking could be a deadly combination, threatening your life, and the lives of people you care about.


Our Mission

Breathe DC makes every breath count by promoting healthy lifestyles and preventing lung disease throughout the District of Columbia, especially in communities affected by health disparities. We advocate for stronger laws and policies to safeguard healthy air and protect lungs from smoke, air pollution and allergens. Our public health programs empower youth and adults with lung diseases like asthma and COPD to lead fuller, more active lives.

Breathe America Alliance

Breathe DC is a proud member of the Breathe America Alliance, a national network of organizations dedicated to preventing lung disease, advancing public health and promoting clean air. Learn more about the Breathe America Alliance and its members.