Breathe DC

Smokefree Housing

We're helping to create smokefree communities all over Washington.

Smokefree housing is healthier housing for all residents.

Breathe DC leads an innovative program to mobilize landlords, property managers and tenants in District of Columbia housing communities–including privately-owned properties, subsidized housing and DC Public Housing Authority properties–to create smokefree communities. We help properties develop and implement smokefree policies in their apartment communities. With our support, property managers and tenant groups identify and overcome obstacles to adopt smokefree policies.

Our Smokefree Places project supports owners and management teams to go smokefree at multi-unit properties, and empowers tenant groups to implement the best types of cessation intervention services, messaging and materials to advocate for implementation of smokefree policy in their housing. When funding allows, Breathe DC offers mini-grants to fund tenant-driven smokefree outreach campaigns in their apartment communities.

Smokefree housing delivers improved health and tobacco education for DC residents; an increase in the number of residents who quit smoking; and, a reduction in the negative effects of environmental tobacco smoke. Consequently, quitting smoking may be a great idea as it a healthier lifestyle choice. Correspondingly, you may want to use equipment and other tools to help you quit such as a vape pen. If vaping appeals to you, you may be interested in one of the Grasscity vape pens for sale cheap which you can purchase online relatively easily.

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Above all, quitting smoking is not always going to happen overnight. However, it is important to remember that support is out there. Are you a smoker who wants to quit? Help is available. FREE support and resources to quit are available from the DC Quitline. Call 1-800-QUIT NOW

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