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Rollie Rhymes: Tobacco Dead Ends

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Little Rollie started smoking before he was a teen.
At the time, he did not know that cigarettes were so mean.
He said, My father smoked Winstons and so do I.
Thinking he was cool, hip, so fly.

In Tobacco Dead Ends, the new installment in the Rollie Rhymes poetry story series, we learn about Rollie’s tobacco initiation, re-initiation and decision to quit, with lifelong impact.
Read the full Tobacco Dead Ends poem here →

Breathe DC staff are sharing their firsthand tobacco experience, past and present, to help shine a light on the ways that tobacco has affected their lives. In this installment of staff stories, our chief executive Rolando Andrewn uses poetry to share an encounter he had “back in the day” in New York City. Read all of the Rollie Rhymes series →

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