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Recognizing and Breaking Smoking Trigger Patterns

Many smokers have “pattern triggers” or something that connects an everyday activity to smoking. Learn five common triggers and how to break free from

Rollie Rhymes: Tobacco Dead Ends

The "Tobacco Dead Ends" poem, the latest installment of poetry stories from our chief executive Rolando Andrewn, offers a look back at how Rollie started--and …

Quitting Smoking Cold Turkey

Quitting smoking has many benefits, but it's no easy task, especially quitting cold turkey. Explore the pros and cons, and learn 4 Steps to Quit Cold

Rollie Rhymes: Chasing Kindness

In this installment of staff stories, our chief executive Rolando Andrewn shares an encounter with kindness he experienced in New York City in

Rollie Rhymes: A Tobacco Story

In this first installment of staff stories, our chief executive Rolando Andrewn uses poetry to share an experience he had with tobacco "back in the day" in New …

5 Ways DC Quitline Helps Smokers Quit

If you're thinking about quitting, but a class isn't a good fit for you, the free resources and support on the DC Quitline might be just what you need to …

July 7 DC Council Testimony

Breathe DC testified at the July 7 Council hearing on the proposed change to the minimum age to buy cigarettes from 18 to 21. The new law would limit young …

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