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July 7 DC Council Testimony

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Breathe DC advocates raising the minimum age to buy cigarettes

The DC Council is considering a proposal to ban cigarette sales to anyone under age 21. Current DC law requires buyers to be age 18. In support of raising the age, Breathe DC delivered testimony on July 7, 2016 at the Judiciary and Health and Human Services Joint Public Hearing for B21-152: The Prohibition Against Selling Tobacco Products to Individuals Under 21 Amendment of 2015.

Breathe DC public health educators Janille Thompson, MS and Dr. Alisha Thomas, MD, testified at the July 7 Council hearing on the proposed change to the minimum age. By making it harder for young adults to purchase cigarettes in the District, the new law would limit young people’s access to deadly tobacco products and potentially curb cigarette smoking among young adult DC residents.

Read the testimony of Janille Thompson, MS [PDF]

Read the testimony of Alisha Thomas, MD [PDF]


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