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Smoking and Coronavirus: A Triple Threat

A close up of a virus with smoke coming out

Did you know that smoking is a triple threat to your health during the coronavirus outbreak? Now is a great time to quit smoking, because coronavirus and smoking could be a deadly combination, threatening your life, and the lives of people you care about.

Threat #1: Smoking cigarettes weakens your immune system and its ability to protect you from getting sick. This makes you more likely to get coronavirus and pass it on to others, especially family, friends, co-workers and neighbors, the people who are in closest contact with you.

Threat #2: Smoking affects the way you breathe and weakens your lungs, which gives you a higher chance of getting coronavirus. And because the virus causes more severe symptoms in people who have unhealthy lungs, smokers are more likely not to recover from coronavirus.

Threat #3: Smoking can lead to serious health issues like high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes. Having any of these serious health issues, called “underlying health conditions”, will make it harder for your body to fight off coronavirus.

Are you wondering what you can do to protect yourself as a smoker?
There are proactive steps you can take to protect yourself. Following the CDC guidance for fighting the spread of coronavirus is critical, including practicing social distancing, wearing a mask if you must go out into public areas, and washing your hands often.

One more important thing you can do: take control of your health by quitting smoking. Take the first step on your journey to a smoke-free lifestyle. Breathe DC is here to help. We offer free online cessation classes, one-on-one counseling, a text-to-quit program and more, so you can start living smoke-free and healthy today.

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